Program Benefits

Texas Target Communities benefits both the individual communities that we serve, as well as Texas A&M University. 

Having served over 42 communities across Texas, we work to transform communities by offering technical assistance, training, and public engagement workshops, so they become part of an exemplary network of communities that:

  1. Aspire to make the transformation from high risk/low opportunity to equitable, resilient, and adaptive communities, and
  2. Serve as living laboratories for TAMU faculty and students. 


Community Benefits

  • Decision-makers committed to inclusive planning programs
  • Citizens meaningfully engaged in community planning
  • Decision-makers and citizens making informed decisions
  • More communities implementing beneficial ideas
  • Enhanced collaboration among all involved parties
  • Innovative projects that would otherwise often constrain budgets
  • High rate of return on investment
  • Increased publicity in local, state, and regional publications
  • Improved reputation as a forward-thinking, resilient community

TAMU Benefits

  • Translates classroom education to hands-on experiences
  • Fulfills the responsibility of a land grant university by engaging and improving communities
  • Builds upon the TAMU network and established expertise
  • Connects TAMU to a conduit of communities in need of services
  • Further expands the name-recognition of TAMU


To further identify how your community can benefit from our services, please see our explanation of services here.

Awards Benefits

Throughout TTC's history, many of our deliverable products have been recognized and have received awards from state and national planning organizations. 

Nolanville Benefits

TAMU students Thiago Coelho and Jenny Richardson both gained practical hands-on experience working on the Nolanville Comprehensive Plan.