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Willacy County 

Willacy County seeks to unify and develop a transforming vision to become a resilient and environmentally friendly community. TTC is working with county leaders and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive, county-wide plan to guide growth over the next twenty years. 

City of Columbus

In the fall of 2019, TTC partnered with the City of Columbus to develop a Master Plan and Landscape Improvement Plan for two vital corridors: Highway 71 and Highway 90. Faculty and students in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning will be working with the community to explore strategies that strengthen the linkage between the corridors, downtown area, and Colorado River.

City of Montgomery

TTC is partnering with the City of Montgomery to develop a downtown master plan. The plan aims to enhance the connectivity of the historic downtown to parks. The City is currently working with Community Resilience Collaborative to lay the groundwork for developing a comprehensive plan.

Institute for Sustainable Communities


TTC is the community engagement arm of the Institute for Sustainable Communities that creates a fundamentally different way to identify and tackle critical disaster resiliency and climate change challenges that threaten coastal cities through citizen science. 

We believe in the importance of creating long-term change through co-learning with communities around strategic needs while supporting communities to actualize their own resilience. Our current community partners are located in the Manchester and Sunnyside neighborhoods of Houston.