City of La Grange, Texas 

TTC is providing a wayfinding study, new comprehensive plan, and downtown revitalization plan. TTC began working with the city before Hurricane Harvey, where 300 homes were flooded. TTC and the city are including disaster recovery initiatives into the broader TTC effort. 


City of Buffalo, Texas

TTC is working with the City of Buffalo to provide feedback and guidance on the city's comprehensive plan, which will direct the growth and development of the city for the next two decades. The main purpose of this collaboration is to create a community-wide vision for the future of the city by determining goals and priorities. 


Institute for Sustainable Communities


TTC is the community engagement arm of the Institute for Sustainable Communities that creates a fundamentally different way to identify and tackle critical disaster resiliency and climate change challenges that threaten coastal cities through citizen science. 

We believe in the importance of creating long-term change through co-learning with communities around strategic needs while supporting communities to actualize their own resilience. Our current community partners are located in the Manchester and Sunnyside neighborhoods of Houston.