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City of Caldwell

The City of Caldwell, a small rural community in Burleson County about 20 miles from College Station, seeks to create its first Comprehensive Plan. With increasing projected growth rates, the partnership with TxTC is focused on preparing the City and its residents for future development and redevelopment.

Comanche County

Comanche County, located in central Texas southeast of Abilene, is a rural community partnering with TxTC to develop a county-wide Comprehensive Plan to address the County’s immediate challenges and long term needs.

City of Wharton

The City of Wharton is partnering with TxTC to develop a Master Plan and Landscape Improvement Design for the Levee Green Space and the Downtown Business District. The project will explore downtown enhancement strategies and ideas to build the levee green space and trail system to  improve connectivity and meet the residents' recreational needs.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is working with the City of Wharton on an $80 million fully funded levee project that will span approximately 6 miles through Wharton and along the banks of the Colorado River. This levee will be adjacent to communities that have been repeatedly impacted by flooding events and run along the southern border of the historically registered downtown business district and preserved courthouse. The City of Wharton is seeking to utilize this opportunity to design for a levee green space overlay plan, which would include hike and bike trails, play grounds, exercise-scapes, nature piers, boat ramp, amphitheater, sports fields and more.

Galena Park

Researchers at Texas A&M University have secured funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to explore the impact of disasters on industrial facilities in Galena Park, located in Harris County within the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area. This project, Engaging the Galena Park Community to Build Resilience to Excess Industrial Pollutant Releases after Hurricanes and Floods in Greater Houston, aims to identify the potential of hazardous releases and risk on neighborhing communities caused by natural disasters that damage near-by industrial facilities. Because of the recent Intercontinental Terminals Company (ITC) Deer Park petrochemical facility fires, the EPA sees a need for additional support to communities to identify potential solutions to mitigate future risk from neighboring industrial facilities.

Galena Park is situated in an area shared by both residential communities as well as industry. However, the location of Galena Park residents to its industrial activities lends the community to hazardous conditions when natural or man-made disasters/events occur. Because of this, it is imperative that city leaders are equipped with knowledge that identifies potential risk to communities and ways to mitigate the risk should they occur. TxTC seeks to engage with the community and collectively discuss strategies to address the residents’ needs.

Institute for Sustainable Communities


TTC is the community engagement arm of the Institute for Sustainable Communities that creates a fundamentally different way to identify and tackle critical disaster resiliency and climate change challenges that threaten coastal cities through citizen science. 

We believe in the importance of creating long-term change through co-learning with communities around strategic needs while supporting communities to actualize their own resilience. Our current community partners are located in the Manchester and Sunnyside neighborhoods of Houston.