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Willacy County 

Willacy County seeks to unify and develop a transforming vision to become a resilient and environmentally friendly community. TTC is working with county leaders and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive, county-wide plan to guide growth over the next twenty years. 

City of Columbus

In the fall of 2019, TTC partnered with the City of Columbus to develop a Master Plan and Landscape Improvement Plan for two vital corridors: Highway 71 and Highway 90. Faculty and students in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning will be working with the community to explore strategies that strengthen the linkage between the corridors, downtown area, and Colorado River.

City of Montgomery

TTC is partnering with the City of Montgomery to develop a downtown master plan. The plan aims to enhance the connectivity of the historic downtown to parks. The City is currently working with Community Resilience Collaborative to lay the groundwork for developing a comprehensive plan.

City of Rockport

The City of Rockport partnered with the Texas Target Communities program to update the city’s comprehensive plan, mindful of the challenges and issues of Hurricane Harvey recovery.
Seven courses in urban planning, landscape architecture, law, and public administration worked together with the community in a data-driven and participatory process. The project partners include the Texas Rural Leadership Program, the American Planning Association, the Texas Sea Grant Community Resilience Collaborative, TAMU School of Law, TAMU at Corpus Christi, Texas Tech, the Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center, and the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning.

City of Hitchcock

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the City of Hitchcock worked with students and faculty in six urban planning and landscape architecture classes to develop recommendations for a new comprehensive plan.
The community engaged in an inclusive planning making process to create a vision for the future, along with specific goals and priorities for land use and strategic growth.

City of La Grange 

In the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018, more than 130 students in six urban planning and landscape architecture classes worked closely with the City of La Grange. Hurricane Harvey hit the week of the first community kick-off meeting. Nearly 300 homes were flooded, mostly impacting manufactured homes and racial minorities. Students and faculty developed a comprehensive land use plan, infusing resiliency practices and flood mitigation throughout.  Additionally, students developed a wayfinding plan, downtown design, and revitalization plan, as well as sustainable strategies to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

City of Buffalo

TTC worked with the City of Buffalo to develop the city's comprehensive plan, which will direct the growth and development for the next two decades. Urban planning students worked with the community to create a community-wide vision, goals, and priorities. The plan includes strategies for housing, economic development, community facilities, transportation, and parks and the environment. 

Tyler County and City of Ivanhoe

In summer of 2016, the Tyler County and the City of Ivanhoe started collaboration with Texas Target Communities to assess current community conditions and explore future development strategies. The project aimed to enhance community-wide discussion through a public participatory process, resulting in the development of a strategic and comprehensive plan to help guide the future growth of the County and City.

City of El Campo : Downtown Revitalization Project 

TTC worked with community partners in El Campo to assess current community conditions and explore future development and growth strategies, through a public participatory process, resulting in the development of a downtown revitalization plan to help guide the future growth of the City.

North Lufkin Project   

In 2018, TTC worked with Impact Lufkin to rethink a 170-acres former Lufkin Country Club to create a master planned community. Building on the appreciative inquiry conducted by Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) School of Social Work, the plan includes a neighborhood center with parks, athletic fields, trails, housing, commercial development, and various neighborhood services.

Liberty County: Strategic Plan 2016-2036

TTC partnered with Liberty County and brought students from across campus in the College of Architecture, College of Agriculture and College of Engineering. Eight projects were  developed including 1) Vision and Goal-setting, 2) Land Use Plan and Strategic Growth Plan, 3) Master Drainage Plan, 4) Transportation Plan, 5) Asset Map, 6) Hospitality Training, 7) Marketing Materials, 8) Youth Citizen Storyteller Program. The final product was the Liberty Strategic Plan 2016- 2036, which is the official policy guide for the community’s growth over the next twenty years.

Aggie Class of '69: Traditions Plaza Design 

The Class of '69 worked with a landscape architecture course to redesign a plaza on Texas A&M UNiversity's campus to focus attention to the Aggie traditions of Muster and Silver Taps.

Grimes County: Thoroughfare Plan

Because of the proposed extension of Highway 249 and the proposed high-speed rail, Grimes County took the initative to prepare for coming change and make investments in existing assets for a better future. 

Bastrop Community Cares

TTC partnered with Bastrop Community Cares, a non-profit social services organization, to develop an Affordable Housing Assessment and a social services Asset Map

Dickinson: Comprehensive Plan 

Dicksinson developed its first Comprehensive Plan. Nestled between League City and Texas City along the Gulf Freeway south of Houston, Dickinson is home to orginial Italian settlers from Galveston, and therefore rich in history. Economic development and the desire for greater open space were two focus areas for the community.  

Nolanville: 2015 Comprehensive Plan

Nolanville has embraced the challenge to grow while preserving its small town atmosphere. The city has the unique opportunity to take advantage of their extensive transportation connections and become a more integral part of the region. The comprehensive plan has adopted strategies to ensure Nolanville will develop over the following years without losing its orgional characteristics and values. 

Jonestown: 2014-2015 - Multiple Projects

The City of Jonestown is the focus of three projects. 1) Quadruple Net Value Analysis report. 2) A public sewer feasibility study focused on generating creative soultions to septic and environmental conditions. 3) A transportation plan for the city to address connectivity and walkability.

Hidalgo: 2014-2015 - Comprehensive Plan

The City of Hidalgo is a growing community that takes pride in its cultural heritage. It is supported by a strong local government that works to provide the city with superior amenities and economic resources. In 1995 the City of Hidalgo partnered with Texas A&M University to create its first Comprehensive Plan. In 2014, these two entities have partnered again to create an updated Hidalgo Comprehensive Plan to guide the city's future growth and development.  

La Grange: 2014-2015 - Housing Needs Study

La Grange has felt considerable growth pressures from Austin along with the discovery of oil and gas. TTC developed a Housing Needs Study for the city to help guide future growth and development. The project was completed in August 2015 and won Honorable Mention for the TX American Planning Association Student Project Award!!!

Salado: 2015 - Salado Main Street Concept Plan

Brownwood: 2011-2012 - Comprehensive Plan 2012

Troy: 2011 - Troy, Texas Comprehensive Plan 

Richwood: 2011

Castroville: 2010

Sealy: 2010 - Downtown Revitalization Plan

Cuero: 2009 - City of Cuero Site Analysis and Redevelopment Recommendations

Beaumont: 2007, 2008, 2009 - Beaumont North End Community Revitaliztion Vision

Castle Hills: 2006 - City of Castle Hills State of the City and Recommendations

Brazoria: 2005 - City of Brazoria Master Plan Development

Hearne: 2004 - Historic Preservation and Tourism Base

Navasota: 2004 - Comprehensive Plan Navasota, Texas

Palacios: 2003 - Urban Design Plan

Portland: 2002 Sherwin Alumia Land Plan Studio

Lorena: 2001 - Comprehensive Plan & State of the City

Somerville: 2000 - click here to view the Somerville Vision 2020 Plan

Navasota: 1981, 1982, 1983, 

Lakeway: 1999 - Comprehensive Plan

La Grange: 1998 - Comprehensive Plan 2020

Nacogdoches: 1998 - A Heritage Development Plan for Nacogdoches

Silsbee: 1997 - Comprehensive Plan 2020 Sisbee, TX

Giddings: 1996 -  Horizon 2010: A Plan for Giddings

Hidalgo: 1995 - La Communidad Del Futuro Hidalgo Comprehensive Plan: 2010

Madisonville: 1989 - The Comprehensive Plan 

Temple: 1988 - 1988 Temple Comprehensive Plan

San Antonio: 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 - Leon Creek Study

Round Rock: 1980 - Downtown Study of Round Rock

Crockett: 1980 - Crockett Planning Infromation Document 

Digital Repository of Past Projects

Highlighted Past Projects

Gonzales Comprehensive Plan (Icon 50.8 MB)

Sealy Downtown Revitalization Plan (Icon 8.6 MB)

Lewisville 2020 (Icon 6.6 MB)

Hidalgo Comprehensive Plan 2035 (Icon 11.4 MB)