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Knowledge to Action

K2A 16.2 Comparing Flood Loss from 1993 and 2008 Midwestern Floods.pdf (Icon 1.14 MB), Hazard Recovery, Resiliency

Social Vulnerability and Flood Casualties in Texas

K2A 16.1 Impact of Land Use on Flood Management.pdf (Icon 722 KB), Flood and Water Management

Social Vulnerability and Flood Casualties in Texas

K2A 15.6 Hurricane Ike Business Mitigation.pdf (Icon 271.8 KB) Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness

Hurricane Ike Business Mitigation

K2A 15.5 Urban Education_1.pdf (Icon 479.3 KB) , Residential Land Use and Educational Outcomes

Urban Education

K2A 15.4 Assisted Living_1_IamI1XW.pdf (Icon 883.7 KB) , Outdoor Environments in Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living

K2A 15.3 Hydrophilanthropy.pdf (Icon 178.5 KB) , Academic programs for Hydrophilanthropy


 K2A 15.2 New Urbanism.pdf (Icon 168.1 KB) , Greening development to protect watersheds

New Urbanism

K2A 15.1 (Icon 150.3 KB) , Social vulnerability and flood casualties in Texas

Social Vulnerability and Flood Casualties in Texas

K2A 14.5 (Icon 553.4 KB) , Walking to school and implications for public policies

Social Vulnerability and Flood Casualties in Texas

K2A 14.4 (Icon 200.5 KB) , Homeownership and neighborhood satisfaction among low- and moderate-income households

Homeownership and Neighborhood Satisfaction Among Low- and Moderate- Income Households

K2A 14.3 (Icon 402.4 KB) , Measuring the effects on the quality of local plans based on the principles of collaborative ecosystem management

Measuring the Effects on the Quality of Local Plans Based on the Principles of Collaborative Ecosystem Management

K2A 14.2 (Icon 692.4 KB) , Housing vouchers and neighborhood crime

Housing Vouchers and Neighborhood Crime

 K2A 14.1 (Icon 395.0 KB) , Mapping social vulnerability to enhance housing and neighborhood resilience

Van Zandt Mapping

K2A 13.2 (Icon 268.6 KB) , Building community resiliency: spatial links between household and business post-disaster recovery 

Van Zandt Household Business Recovery

K2A 13.1 (Icon 191.0 KB) , The sustainability of low-income homeownership: The incidence of unexpected costs and needed repairs among low-income home buyers

Van Zandt Low Income Homeownership

Over the years, the College of Architecture has generated extraordinary research. Knowledge to Action provides a conduit for research to become mainstream knowledge. Through these reports, we hope to translate and highlight research for practitioners and public use. Please contact for questions or comments.